Is SEO Worth It?

Is SEO worth it? Is it worth the investment of time and money?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about increasing your website’s rankings in search engine results (such as in Google).

But just how useful is it for a website to rank first in Google for a given search term or phrase? Is SEO worth the investment of money and time?

The Majority of Your Potential Customers Use Google

When you want to find a product, service or local business, where do you go?

Chances are, you head straight to Google. So too do most of your potential customers.

The majority of people use Google when looking for a product or service. If your website is ranked first in Google’s search results, the majority of your potential customers will see you.

Consider the following statistics:

As you can see, most of your potential customers are searching for businesses like yours on Google. The question is, is your business’s website visible to these potential customers?

SEO is Cost Effectiveis seo worth it?

The financial viability of any marketing activity needs to be assessed before pursuing it. This is as true for SEO as it is for any other marketing activity.

You need to consider the cost of the implementation of SEO, and the potential additional income your business can generate as a result of good SEO.

For example, suppose your website is about Green Widgets. Suppose that, each month, 2,500 people in your city search for Green Widgets.

Now, imagine if your website ranked #1 in Google for that keyword and search query. 2,500 potential customers would see your website each month.

Even if only 1% of those people (i.e. 25 people) ended up buying your product or service, that’s 25 sales your business would not have had otherwise.

How much is one sale worth to your business? How much is 25 sales worth to your business.

Granted, whether or not this is worth it depends on the price you pay for your SEO services. If you’re SEO Consultant or Agency charges more per month than the benefit you derive from SEO each month, then it is not worth it. But if the benefit exceeds the cost, it’s undeniably worth it.

SEO is Efficient To Implement

There are all sorts of ways to market a business, service or product. There’s direct marketing, personal selling, advertising, public relations and sales promotions (all being a part of the promotion mix).

All these methods are tried and tested and can definitely work when implemented correctly.

But SEO is by far the most simple and efficient method to reach new customers. Why? Because implementing SEO is not as complex and time-consuming as creating a direct mail marketing campaign, or trying to sell face-to-face, or attending networking events.

On the contrary, SEO is simply a matter of enhancing certain aspects of your website so that it appears higher in search results of relevant search queries. Certainly not as tiring as trying as some personal selling or as expensive as mass media advertising.

However, this is not to say that SEO is quick to bring results.

It takes a significant amount of time for SEO to start taking effect and to start delivering results for a website. It can take anywhere from a few months to even a few years (depending on competitiveness) for a website to rank on page one of Google.

But the fact remains that the implementing SEO, and the cost of doing so, often is more efficient that other traditional forms of marketing. A few hours per week is all that’s needed for a small to medium sized website.

Conclusion: Is SEO Worth It? Yes!

When your website ranks highly in Google, customers come to you. You no longer need to focus so much on finding customers. They’ll find you.

Most businesses can see this. But not all businesses invest time and money into good, high quality SEO.

Whether you decide to learn SEO and implement it in-house, or want to hire an SEO consultant or agency, adding search engine optimisation to your business’s overall marketing strategy can be extremely rewarding.

Ranking first in Google means your business will be seen by he majority of your potential customers. That’s the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. Most businesses can only dream of this for their business.

The bottom line is that ranking prominently in Google search results will make your website visible to the majority of your potential customers.

And that’s powerful.

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