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Have you ever received an email from an “online seo expert” or something along those lines?

Receiving such emails is a very common occurrence. Scammers from all over the world (often India) will send an email stating that they will help you with your SEO, or guarantee higher rankings.

Many scammers prey on small businesses, who view these emails in their inbox, reply and end up paying these companies for empty promises.

Example Spam Email I Have Received:

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am an internet marketing professional based in Delhi, India. I have an experience of about 10+ years in the industry and keep myself updated as per the changing trends. I work on freelance basis.

I provide my services in the following fields:
– SEO : Including both onpage and offpage.
– Social Media : Organic promotion on leading social media sites.
– Panda/ Penguin Recovery : Finding spam links / diagnostic website etc. for the penalties.

I have served lots of projects and clients in several markets including – USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc.
If interested, please revert back and I can share my profile, references etc and surely we can work together.


Why You Should Never Respond To These Emails

Never respond to such emails. These services being offered by these people will not be performed (not that you’d want the things they are suggesting to be performed on your website anyway).

Put simply;

  • These emails are coming from robots or scammers
  • They’ll take your money and never perform services
  • If they do perform any services, they will be detrimental to your business and website

See google’s guide about these spam/scam emails.

How To Tell What Is Spam & What Is Legitimate

Not all emails you receive regarding seo services will be spam. Many reputable seo service providers engage in direct email marketing.

An SEO email is probably legitimate if:

  • The sender email address is that of a website
  • You can verify the company exists

Either way – i would recommend against responding to such emails either way.

What To Do When You Get A Spam SEO Email

ALWAYS ignore such emails. Simply delete them. Never click on links from within such emails, and no matter how enticing an offer may seem – don’t be fooled.

In summary – if you ever received a random email that offers anything to do with SEO or digital marketing services, simply ignore it.

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