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SEO is an unpredictable process. That’s why it’s unfair to charge exorbitant fees for a service that potentially yields no valuable result.

The Advanced SEO guarantee: I will implement SEO for your website free of charge – until your website ranks highly for relevant, valuable keywords and search queries.

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If you’ve ever looked for SEO services, you’ve probably come across various SEO guarantees. The most common guarantee offered by an SEO service provider is that they’ll get your website on page one of Google.

The problem with such guarantees is that they are completely baseless. It is impossible to accurately and confidently predict where a website will rank, or the length of time it will take to rank higher in search engines. If anyone offers a guarantee, tread cautiously.

Here’s why.

Dishonest SEO Guarantees

An SEO company might say “we guarantee your website will reach page 1 of Google”.

The problem with such a guarantee is that it is potentially misleading. An SEO company can easily get your website on page one, for a keyword or query no one ever searches for.

For example, suppose a local electrician business is guaranteed a page one ranking. The SEO company offering this promise might create a page on the electrician’s website targeting an obscure and worthless phrase, such as “Electrician Electrical Services”.

In short, they’ll get your website on page one of Google for a keyword or phrase that is worthless and provides no value to your business. The website will rank on page one, but for a phrase that no one ever searches for.

External Factors That Make It Impossible Predict Search Rankings

External SEO factors such as competitor websites and the competitiveness of a keyword or search phrase make it difficult to predict where a web page will rank, and how long it will take.

Even if the best SEO is being performed on your website, you competitors might also be implementing SEO. But only 10 results can be on page one. Some will miss out, that’s just the way SEO goes.

Given this, it is very difficult to have a solid basis on which to guarantee, much less predict, SEO results.

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