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My name is Jason. I am an SEO consultant, and the person behind Advanced SEO . I specialise in SEO for business websites (large and small).

From consulting to website audits, to an SEO plan and full implementation, I can help your business.

An SEO Strategy specifically tailored for your website
Proven results
No lock-in contracts


A Comprehensive Approach

The goal of SEO is increased visits (traffic) to your website from search engines.

This is achieved by making your website relevant to the queries for which you want the website to be found.

Every single aspect of every single page of your website will be analysed, to determine how your website needs to be structured, what needs to be corrected, and what needs to be implemented in order to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Proven Results

Task: This client’s website had just been redesigned and restructured, and needed to be optimised.

Results: Website traffic increased by 25% after just 4 weeks of SEO.

This resulted in an increase of website enquiries by 10%.

A Tailored Strategy For Your Website

With Advanced SEO, your website will receive a custom tailored strategy. This includes a competitor analysis, the targeted selection of relevant and valuable search queries for which your website will be found, and identifying issues with your website on a technical level that impact SEO.

  • Free Consultation

    • No Lock-in Contract
    • Proven Results
    • A range of solutions to suit your needs

    In our consultation, I’d like to develop an understanding of your business: its history, its offerings, and its target market.

    This information will help me to determine the most suitable SEO strategy for your business – or whether SEO is suitable for your website at all.

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