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Looking for SEO Services for your business’s website? I can help.

My name is Jason. I am an SEO consultant, and the person behind Advanced SEO Sydney. I specialise in helping business websites – large and small – increase rankings in Google and other search engines, through search engine optimisation.

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Why Choose Advanced SEO Sydney?

When someone is looking for a local business, product or service, they begin their search in Google (or a lesser popular search engine). That user will then only bother looking at the first several websites in the search results.

Is your website up there? If not, you are missing out on potential customers and clients.

I know how to optimise websites in order to rank higher in search engines.

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    Before anything else, I’d like to develop an understanding of your business: its history, its offerings, and its target market. This information will help me to determine the most suitable SEO strategy for your business – or whether SEO is suitable for your website at all.

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The Advanced SEO Approach

My approach to SEO is simple: it is based on the very way Google says SEO works.

SEO is all about making your website relevant to certain search queries and keywords in search engines. The higher the relevance of your website to a search query or keyword, the higher the ranking of your website. To achieve this, I focus on four main factors in order to optimise a website:

Keyword Research: The most crucial pat of the SEO process is to select the keywords and phrases for which your website is to be found. This involves determining the exact phrases that users enter into Google when searching for a product or service such as yours.

Once all the relevant keywords and phrases have been chosen, it is time to apply it to your website.

On-Page SEO: This is all about optimising the pages of your website, and making your website a coherently structured document as a whole. This includes optimising URLs, metal titles, meta descriptions, images, content headings and the content itself.

Every single aspect of every single page needs to be optimised so as to be relevant to the query for which your want each page to be found.

In addition, building content on your website is the way to signal that your website is relevant and authoritative, and therefore worthy of higher ranking.

Off-Page SEO: This is all about references to your website from external sources. It is important to show Google and other search engines that your website is popular, relevant and authoritative regarding its product or service offering, and this is achieved in part through external citations to your websites.

Acquiring high quality backlinks is the foundation of off-site SEO. In addition to this, using social media channels to share and promote your website and its content contributes to its increase in visibility and popularity.

Reverse Engineering: This involves looking at your best competitors, and observing the SEO tactics they are employing. By seeing what is working for your competitors, we can carefully select which tactics to also implement, in order to match up, and eventually aim to outrank, your business’s competitors.

Reverse engineering requires a careful analysis of your competitors’ websites. By using advanced software and tools, we can quickly see what your competitors are doing that your website could implement in order to improve rankings.

Analytics and Reporting: Your website’s performance will regularly be reviewed through Analytics reporting. This helps summarize the progress of SEO efforts on your website. This is crucial for SEO, because it can quickly help to identify what’s working, and what isn’t, and thus helps to streamline the SEO process.

Why Your Sydney Business Needs SEO

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of implementing SEO. Sydney is a particularly competitive market for most businesses, having many immediate competitors all trying to get the same clients or customers.

SEO not only has the potential to increase visits to your website. It also has the potential of increasing sales, and ultimately increasing revenue.

This is why ranking highly in Google and other search engines is beneficial for businesses.

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