Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Some websites (or more specifically, webpages) increase in rankings in a matter of weeks due to implementing SEO. Most other websites and webpages, however, take on average anywhere from 3 to 12 months. This is especially the case when doing SEO in Sydney.

So It can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a year to see meaningful results from SEO.


Here are two main reasons.

It takes Google time to recognize the changes on your website

Assuming your website is properly submitted into Google via Google Search Console, and you have submitted your website’s sitemap(s), Google will regularly ‘read’ your sitemap.

‘Reading’ your sitemap just means Google’s robots crawls your website’s pages again, searching for any recent changes, in order to adjust search engine results and rankings accordingly.

Google doesn’t necessarily crawl or read a page as soon as you make a change. It could be up to a month before Google crawls your website again, meaning a month before any substantial change in rankings is achieved.

Moreover, even when Google crawls your website and recognizes changes, it doesn’t guarantee a change in rankings in the first instance.

Google will crawl a website more regularly if that website has constant changes and new content (as told to Google by your sitemaps). Google will recognize this and thus crawl more often, and therefore lead to changes being recognized quicker.

An Extremely Competitive phrase or keyword

Only 10 websites can make it to page one of Google (or Bing) for a given search query. Chances are, you have more than 10 competitors.

If this is the case, you can also assume that your competitors are implementing SEO. (At least 26% of competitors would be implementing SEO.) Not to mention long established competitors who might not actively be implementing SEO, but have a well optimised – and well established – website, with loads of organic backlinks accumulated over the years (I.e. a decade or two).


The two factors mentioned in this post basically cover the main reasons why it takes a while for SEO to take effect. There ultimately isn’t any hard and fast rule as to how long SEO takes. I’ve achieved results within a matter of 3 months for some websites in the past, while others have taken only a few weeks.

The important thing is to consistently implement sound SEO principles on and off your website. The results will come in good time.

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